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About Zeus Botnet |Setup And Control of ZEUS Bot.

So today we are going to learn another botnet, THE ZEUS BOT, yes you read it correct.
I don't think that you may not have heard about Zeus, it's one of the most dangerous bot in the world.
But why I'm showing it??

Because I want you to learn the most hazardous attacks of the world, not just hacking with some tools like
skr!p7 k!dd!3s....I want you to be a proffessional, not a hacker.

You can get the Bot from  (

 Note:- For educational and learning purposes, I will not be responsible for your shity work.

Step 1: First things first, open an account on a free hosting (or paid) with MySQL support.

Step 2: Now create a MySQL database and copy the details, you'll need them.

Step 3: Extract the files of zeus.rar and open "install" folder 
and open index.php 

Step 4: Now some editing, go to line number 154 and edit the details which are asked. see above.

Step 5: Now goto /cpanel/system and open global.php and set the same values there which you can find at line number 408.


Step 6: We are done with setup, now goto /zeus and open config.txt and set the details as in picture:

Step 7: Open the builder.exe and click on "Build config" you'll get a file named "cfg.bin" and click on "Build Loader" you'll get bt.exe (infected file).

Step 8: Now upload the files in the same sequence as they appear in your PC:

Step 9: After uploading, Open, you should get a screen like this.

Step 10: Fill the details and click on install. Now open a new tab and type: "" and finally you are ready to go.

I promise to help/suopport you zeus project   talk to me

more to discus to you latter  

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